I wrote this guide to help people with great ideas spread the word about them.

Makers don't usually know how to reach the press and that's ok.

I wrote this guide to help makers promote their products and get the attention they deserve. After years of working with startups big and small, I noticed most founders make the same mistakes and have a similar view of public relations. Unsurprisingly, I also realized most founders hate it.

So I set out to write this actionable guide. It’s written with the maker in mind, with actionable tips, clear instructions, brief examples and most importantly: email templates, a get-it-done sample Trello board and a glorified spreadsheet dubbed a media list.

If you’re more into making things, rather than promoting them, this guide is for you. Read it thoroughly and use it as a reference every time you need to, it’s brief and easily skimmed through.

When it comes to PR, Dunja definitely knows what she's talking about. This guide is epic and I learned a lot about what it takes to set and manage effective press coverage goals for my business. “”

image of Ryan Robinson, Contributor at Forbes & Entrepreneur

Ryan Robinson

Contributor at Forbes & Entrepreneur

The world deserves to hear your story, download today.

If you have any questions or feedback about the guide - please reach out, I’d be happy to chat!

Thanks, Dunja Lazic

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Thanks to Marko Jurisic for coding and Aleksandra Savic for design help